LCD / LED Screen replacements

Issues with laptop and notebook LCD screens are among one of the most common problems users encounter. There are several problems that may occur with your laptop or notebook’s LCD/LED monitor.

Laptop screens are very fragile and can be damaged by force or heavy objects being placed Laptop lcd replacementon top of the laptop, we hold many of the most popular sizes of LCD in stock and can normally replace a laptop screen the same day.

Some solutions can include simple adjustments to your LCD monitor. Other issues may require your LCD screen to be repaired or replaced. Believe it or not, sometimes it may not even be your LCD monitor, but the graphics chip itself. The one sure-fire way to know what your LCD needs is to contact us, You get a free diagnosis, estimate, and our “no fix no fee” policy. You won’t pay for time unless we fix it. We provide warranties on repairs for up to 6 months and 12 months on all parts.



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